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Hello and thank you for stopping by my recruiting page. I am an internationally renowned psychic with over 40’s years experience and top ranking on one of the most advanced delivery services on the web. I am looking to expand my team of qualified and highly ranked psychics. If you are willing to put in the time and effort you can really make a big difference not only in your own life, but in the lives of others as well. Just take a quick read of my story:

A year ago I was terrified. We had just moved, neither of us had a job and we were down to the point of pawning our jewelry and guns to pay the bills. We had been legislated out of our last job and we had to find something new to do. I had been doing readings all along, but now with the regularity I now needed in order to make up the financial difference for us. I spent nearly three weeks looking for psychic jobs on the web. I searched the job hunting sites for “tarot readers wanted” and “jobs for psychics” and “conduct readings from home.” It had been about 4 years since I was doing readings full-time so I was unaware of how much the industry had changed.

There were a bewildering number of sites out there. Some with only 10 or 20 psychics and some with over 10,000! I was completely lost and in need of psychic guidance myself. Then, I landed on this one website and I was amazed! This site wasn’t just all about the money. They had a fantastic payment scale and as I watched I realized they definitely bring the people in so that you can get readings for pay!

I signed up a year ago. Last week was my one year anniversary and I can honestly say that I am now making $7,000 per month and I have not hit my maximum psychic reader income yet. While I prefer to use Tarot cards I am also a clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient along with being a medium and spiritual healer. I am not going to tell you it was easy. It takes some dedication and effort, but you can do well too and I can show you how!

Why sign up on my team? Well, I am one of the top readers on the site. I obviously have a winning combination and can help you find a winning combination too!!! I DO NOT expect you to follow my plan – we will work together to come up with a plan and a focus that will help turn your online business into a positive experience where you feel you have helped people! I will not only include you within my group for special advertising and visitor generation to your chat, but you will be listed on my bio page as one of my trusted team to for client referral.

Further, I am available via Skype or e-mail any time you need help. Whether it is being a silent friend in your chat room while coaching you through Skype, listening to your concerns and helping you to find YOUR answers for YOUR business, assisting you in customizing my business model to suit with your needs, and quick responses when you need help, I am committed to making your business a complete success!

You will feel my dedication to your success as soon as we begin our association. I do everything I can to help you prepare for the interview process and get through the test reading with panache and aplomb. From writing your bio to reviewing your photographs I am available to consult with you for what is best for YOUR business and represent YOU as a reader! From reading strategies to how to deal with difficult clients to reviewing your public room to help you improve I can help you grow a business that is personally fulfilling and financially rewarding. A combination that is positive and powerful on its own.

What do I get out of this? I am paid by the contractor, not out of your pay, but out of the site hosts’ portion. The platform is so avante-guard THEY pay me the affiliate percentage of 10% for the first year you are on the system. The gives me a double incentive to help you succeed – the more you make the more I make – the more the company makes – the more they invest! This is really a fantastic business model for all involved.


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